Heritage Hill Nursery Inc. takes pride in the merchandise that we offer and like most reputable garden centers, will honor a limited warranty/return for certain plants for specified periods, if conditions have been met.

RETURNS: all perennial/shrub/tree returns must be done within 72hrs from the purchase date. Plants being returned must have original tags still attached, be in the original containers, and not be showing signs of damage due to customer neglect. If an employee feels the plant has sustained neglect, a return will not be warranted. A gift certificate will be issued for acceptable returns, NO CASH BACK.

WARRANTIES: issued for all perennial/shrub/trees purchased at full retail price, that is brought back to the nursery (pictorial evidence clearly showing failure may be enough for larger plants), accompanied with original receipt, falling within the warranty period, will be replaced. Plants that are injured or killed by insects, rodents, equipment, chemicals, vandalism, customer neglect, buck rub, or weather are beyond the nursery’s control and therefore will not be liable. Warranties only cover the original purchased plant and therefore must be replaced with the same plant. The nursery is under no obligation to special order a replacement if one isn’t currently available. In such circumstances, a gift certificate will be issued. CUSTOMER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT THIS IS A ONE TIME ONLY REPLACEMENT AND ONLY COVERS THE ORIGINAL COST OF THE PLANT NOT DELIVERY OR INSTALLATION. THIS IS NOT AN EVEN EXCHANGE; THE CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE IF THERE IS A PRICE DIFFERENCE.

Annuals: not eligible for return/exchange due to short life & delicate nature.
Perennials: eligible for 6 wk warranty
Shrubs/Trees: eligible for a full 1 yr warranty

EXCEPTIONS: open chemicals, plants purchased on clearance, Christmas trees, wreaths or greenery are NOT eligible for any kind of return or warranty.

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