Shadblow Serviceberry

With the Shadblow Serviceberry, you can’t help enjoying the flowers give way to the small green berries as they turn red then into a deep purple (almost black) berry which when eaten taste very similar to blueberries with an almond accent.

The Shadblow Serviceberry is a shrubby type tree that can be left alone to form a suckering shrub or pruned to neatly grown into a single-trunked tree. Its colorful flowers will liven up any landscape especially when it blooms a bit earlier than others.

This shrubby serviceberry is friendly and attractive to wildlife and turns a beautiful gold color in Autumn. When mature it can grow as tall as 25 foot and be 15 feet wide. It enjoys and flourishes in full sunlight and can be found at Heritage Hill Nursery.

Did we mention this too is on sale the month of August?

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