Preparing For Winter

Even though the season is coming to an end, there is still plenty to do for your landscape before the snow. Walk through your yard, do you see any big twigs, piles of leaves? Rake all leaves and remove all branches as they will cause dead spots on your lawn. Make sure all garden hoses are removed from water sources and put away. Leaving hoses outside year-round can cause moisture to freeze within the house and could weaken or crack the inner wall. Bring in any cement/concrete lawn ornaments to prevent cracks from freezing/thawing temps. Dump out any large fountains and cover them with fountain covers that can withstand heavy winds and snow. If the fountains are smaller, it’s better to just bring them inside. Dump out any flowerpots and if moveable, store them inside for the season. Heavier pots should have covers over them to protect from freezing/thawing/snow.

Recent Spotlights

Xmas Tree Care & Maintenance:

The most important thing to remember when caring for a Christmas tree is to water, water, water. Your tree will continue to drink long after it has been cut and in order to ensure your tree lasts the whole holiday season it is very important to always make sure your...

How to Set Up the Newly Purchased Xmas Tree:

When setting up a new tree it is important to find the right stand. We here at Heritage Hill highly recommend a base that can be nailed into the trunk and screws in at the sides for maximum support. Always allow the branches at least 3 days to fully “fall ” before...

Which Xmas Tree is Right for You?:

Which Xmas Tree is Right for You?:

While it may not seem like different varieties of Christmas trees have many differences there are many benefits to each individual type. The most popular genus around the holidays is (of course) the fir tree. Heritage Hill carries three of the most popular fir trees...

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