Pink Beauty Potentilla

For the start of October, we center our focus on the Pink Beauty Potentilla. This ornamental shrub is popular because of its prolific blooming. These can be used as a shrub border that is extremely decorative or place them along a walkway or even your driveway. This ridiculously cute little shrub will amaze you with its abundant amount of blooms. That along with its fern like foliage gives it a very subtle look that still grabs your attention but is not harsh at all.

The Pink Beauty Potentilla spreads about 3 feet and grows about 3 foot tall. The bright green foliage provides you with a lovely backdrop for the flowers that begin to form in the latter part of Spring. In the Fall, the leaves turn a yellowish green and will continue blooms until the first frost. This little beauty attracts butterflies and enjoys full sunlight.

Check out Heritage Hill Nursery for your share of these delightful shrubs. You will be glad you have them!

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