Jim Dandy Winterberry (Male)

Jim Dandy Winterberry (Male), also known as a Black Alder, is low maintenance deciduous shrub native to Europe, parts of northern Africa and western Asia. Jim Dandy Winter Berry is the male varietal and may be planted with a female counterpart. As a member of the birch family, it thrives in highly acidic, moist to wet soil. It should be planted in full sun to partial shade. Jim Dandy Winter Berry can grow to 10 feet tall and 8 feet wide, however it is very slow growing.

The dark green and dense foliage paired with the slow growth rate make it the perfect plant to create a privacy hedge. This plant does bloom however the simple white flowers add a touch of elegance. It will create a beautiful natural divide without overpowering other landscaping. While this plant is low maintenance it may980- be pruned to desired shape and size, this should be done in the late winter.

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