Don’t Forget Your Furry Friends

Now is the time for being diligent with filling the feeders. Birds that don’t migrate to warmer climates will need a food source in order to survive the upcoming months. It’s best to hang feeders at least 4′ above the ground, higher is actually better. Hanging a feeder too low will encourage four legged animals to forage, leaving empty feeders overnight. Birds will also need access to fresh water. Placing a special water heater in the bird bath will prevent freezing.

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Xmas Tree Care & Maintenance:

The most important thing to remember when caring for a Christmas tree is to water, water, water. Your tree will continue to drink long after it has been cut and in order to ensure your tree lasts the whole holiday season it is very important to always make sure your...

How to Set Up the Newly Purchased Xmas Tree:

When setting up a new tree it is important to find the right stand. We here at Heritage Hill highly recommend a base that can be nailed into the trunk and screws in at the sides for maximum support. Always allow the branches at least 3 days to fully “fall ” before...

Which Xmas Tree is Right for You?:

Which Xmas Tree is Right for You?:

While it may not seem like different varieties of Christmas trees have many differences there are many benefits to each individual type. The most popular genus around the holidays is (of course) the fir tree. Heritage Hill carries three of the most popular fir trees...

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