Bartlett Pear Tree

Also known as the Williams’ pear in Europe, the Bartlett is most popular with its delicious, juicy and sweet fruit. Origins go back as far as the 1400s. Bartlett Pear trees are fast-growing and long-lived. You’ll enjoy this tree and its fruit for a lifetime.

The tree can survive in suburban and urban environments as it seems to shrug off most urban pollutants. You can grow just one and still end up with a large harvest of quality pears. Helpful hint, you’ll get even more fruit if you plant another nearby as they will pollinate with each other.

Bartlett Pear trees have tiny white blossoms that emerge during the springtime. They have a round, bell shaped, golden-green skin on their fruit which contains the sweetness inside. The tree is an exceptional tree to have not only for its fruit but for its beauty and character. Grab one while they last at Heritage Hill Nursery in Cedarburg, WI.

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