Andorra Juniper

The Andorra Juniper is an excellent low growing evergreen that many uses as the perfect ground cover. These evergreens can be used in a variety of ways including the blanketing for under a tree, the covering up of some empty space in your yard or on a hillside or just create a covering for a healthy group of perennials.

The foliage on this functional evergreen is a delicate but transitional variety of colors. Bright green in Spring with new foliage growth transitioning into a deep blue/green for the Summer months then blending into a festive fall bronze tint which then gives way to a light purple shade for the long Winter.

The Andorra Juniper is widely adaptable, does well in full sun or partial shade, is deer and salt tolerant and can last up to 30 years which is a wonderful investment for any gardener.
It grows approximately 1 to 2′ high and has a 4 to 5′ spread when mature.
These may be found on sale in June 2020 at Heritage Hill Nursery.

The Andorra Juniper may also be found on sale for the month of June at Heritage Hill Nursery.

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