October Specials:

October Specials and Garden Tips at Heritage Hill Nursery

Elevate your outdoor space with Heritage Hills specials and monthly seasonal tips!

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50% Off

Artificial Flowers

Add a pop of color that won’t fade with our stunning collection of artificial flowers. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor decor, these faux blooms offer year-round beauty without the need for watering or maintenance. For the month of October, take advantage of our 50% discount and refresh your home or garden effortlessly.

Inventory Reduction Sale

50% Off

Select perennials, shrubs & trees

October is the ideal month for planting, and there’s no better time to make your purchase. Our Inventory Clearance Sale offers you a golden opportunity to buy select perennials, shrubs, and trees at a whopping 50% off. Enhance your garden’s beauty and functionality with these Wisconsin-hardy plants.


Monthly Tips!


October marks your last chance to plant perennials before winter. Use this time wisely to divide existing plants like peonies and enrich the soil with compost for optimal growth.


Don’t just discard fallen leaves; use them as a mulch layer around your shrubs. Not only do they offer winter protection, but they also enrich the soil as they decompose.


Take advantage of October’s cooler temperatures to plant or transplant trees. This is the month where the focus shifts from foliage to root development, making it ideal for tree planting.


Your lawn is still growing beneath the surface. Use a late-season fertilizer to help your grass store energy for the coming winter, and consider mulching fallen leaves to add nutrients back into the soil.

Not sure how to proceed or have questions?

Not sure how to proceed or have questions? Stop by Heritage Hill Nursery Inc., and one of our representatives will be able to assist you.

In The Spotlight

Every week we showcase new plants! Take a peek here at some of our most recent additions to the spotlight!



Daylilies are a gardener’s favorite due to their hardiness and vibrant, trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom in a stunning array of colors including yellow, orange, and red. These perennials are incredibly versatile, thriving in a variety of soil conditions and requiring...

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush

The Butterfly Bush is a beloved addition to any garden, known for its long spikes of fragrant flowers that bloom in a range of colors including purple, pink, white, and yellow. These vibrant flowers attract a variety of pollinators, especially butterflies, making it a...

Butterfly Weed

Butterfly Weed

Butterfly Weed is a stunning perennial native to North America, perfect for Southeast Wisconsin gardens. Known for its vibrant orange blooms, this plant attracts a variety of pollinators, including butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. Blooming from late spring through...

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