Landscape laborers follow the direction of the Supervisor, Owner and/or Designer, while typically performing a variety of physical tasks outdoors, which may include any combination of the following: trimming, planting, pruning, watering, fertilizing, digging, raking, laying down stone/rock, hauling/spreading mulch, topsoil, and plant bed clean up.

Successful applicants will possess active listening skills, follow direction given by the Supervisor, Owner and/or Designer, maintain professionalism on jobsites, be respectful towards other workers/customers, be self-motivated, on-time, deal with bugs and expect to get dirty.  The candidate should also enjoy, physically handle, and be prepared for working outdoors all day in different weather conditions; wind, rain, warm/cold temperatures.

This position will involve proficiency in the use of different equipment essential for the completion of the job at hand ranging in tools like rakes, forks, shovels, pics, pruners, spreaders, and wheelbarrows.  Physical daily requirements include but not excluded to: frequent bending or kneeling, heavy lifting 45+lbs of plants/trees/rock, and pushing/pulling wheel barrows/tree carts loaded with mulch/topsoil/gravel/rock and/or big ball & burlap trees.

Schedules typically run from Monday-Friday 8-5:00, (may end earlier or later depending on the job and/or weather).  Some OT/Saturdays may be required if a job site needs to be finished or has fallen behind because of rain during the week.

**The Landscape Laborer position can be either FT and/or PT seasonal starting April 1st – November 30th (may start sooner and/or end later depending on project availability/weather therefore # of hours will not be guaranteed; student start/stop times will vary) and therefore, so will end the Landscape Laborer FT/PT position.  If the employee is interested in pursuing the role of a PT/On-call Seasonal Snowplow Specialist (# of hours not guaranteed; showing interest does not guarantee an automatic position), during the months of December – the end of March the employee should let the owners know prior to the seasons end (interest does not guarantee a position).  Although we encourage employees to return to the positions previously hired for, there is no employment guarantee of re-hire or re-hire to the same position and pay.  The employee will be notified during the month of March of the new year if the position they previously had, is still available.

** I acknowledge that the job ad for Landscape Laborer that I have just finished reading above supersedes any currently posted advertisements for the same position that may be listed on any media platforms such as but not limited to: Handshake, Job Center of WI, Heritage Hill Nursery Inc. website, Face Book, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn.  I further acknowledge that I am under no obligation with the continuance of this position and will not hold Heritage Hill Nursery, Inc. legally responsible, for false advertisement.

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