As the remnants of winter fade and the earth reawakens, early-blooming perennials begin their journey through the last season’s mulch towards the sun’s nurturing warmth. Assist these pioneers by gently clearing the mulch aside, enabling their stems to reach the sunlight more easily.

Despite the hopeful signs of spring in Wisconsin, the threat of frost lingers; keep a supply of mulch ready to protect these tender plants if needed. Now is also the opportune time to divide and relocate perennials that have outgrown their spaces.

Clear away any weeds that have taken hold over the winter and refresh your garden beds with a layer of finely shredded mulch to encourage a healthy start to the season.


As the climate begins to soften, unveil your rose bushes, though remain vigilant and prepared to shield them again should an unexpected chill threaten.

Early spring offers a safe window for transplanting shrubs. Remove weeds to prevent competition for nutrients and moisture, and apply a generous 2-3 inch layer of shredded mulch around the base of your shrubs.

When mulching, ensure it tapers off near the stem to avoid moisture buildup that could lead to disease.

Now is also the perfect time for transplanting any shrubs before their new growth emerges fully.


An annual inspection of your trees can significantly contribute to their longevity and vitality.

Examine the base for signs of animal activity, which, if minimal, typically heals without issue. However, extensive damage to the bark may compromise the tree’s health. Prune any broken branches or those growing at odd angles to prevent future issues.

With the arrival of consistently warmer temperatures above 40 degrees, apply a dormant spray to crabapple trees to manage pests.

Remember to remove any winter protections, such as wraps or guards, to allow your trees to breathe and grow unencumbered.


The April rains, while a boon for blooming flora, can also lead to waterlogging in your lawn, especially in areas where the ground has settled.

Extended saturation may harm the grass, creating unsightly bare patches. Should you notice persistent pooling, consider consulting with Heritage Hill for the installation of discreet underground drainage systems. These innovative solutions divert excess water away from your lawn, preserving its health and aesthetics.

This proactive approach ensures your lawn remains a lush, vibrant foundation for your garden’s beauty.

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