April 2024 Special Offers

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Concrete Statuary 25% Off

Elevate your garden’s charm and character with our exquisite collection of Concrete Statuary, now available at a delightful 25% off. Add a touch of elegance with a statuesque accent. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your garden into a sanctuary of art and nature.

Sale ends April 30, 2024

Pocahontas Lilac 25% Off

Bring the enchanting fragrance and stunning purple blooms of the Pocahontas Lilac into your garden this season, now at an enticing 25% off. Celebrated for its vibrant, early-spring flowers and exceptional cold hardiness, the Pocahontas Lilac is a standout addition that promises to awaken your garden with its deep, magenta hues and sweet scent. Ideal for creating a colorful hedge or a captivating focal point, this lilac variety not only beautifies your outdoor space but also attracts pollinators, adding life and movement to your garden. Embrace the allure of the Pocahontas Lilac and enjoy the sensory retreat it offers at a remarkable value.

Sale ends April 30, 2024

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