Embrace November: A Guide to Pre-Winter Garden Care

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As the cool November breeze sweeps across your garden, the season beckons for a transition. It’s time to prepare your green sanctuary for the impending winter, ensuring a vibrant renaissance come spring.


Collecting Seeds

November is prime time for seed enthusiasts. Gather seeds from perennials like coneflowers and black-eyed Susans, ensuring a bounty for the next season.

Drying and Storing Seeds

Once collected, allow your seeds to dry thoroughly before storing them in labeled envelopes, setting the stage for an organized spring planting.

Anticipating Spring Growth

Savor the anticipation of spring as you safeguard the essence of your garden. Seed saving is a rewarding step towards self-sufficiency, promising a colorful bloom with the first signs of spring.


Winter Covering Essentials

Shield your newly planted woody shrubs with breathable coverings like straw or leaves to ward off the winter chill, ensuring their survival through the frost.

Types of Coverings

Explore various covering options—straw, leaves, loose soil, or mulch, each offering a different level of protection, ensuring your shrubs remain robust, ready to flaunt their foliage post-winter.

Post-Winter Spectacle

The effort invested now will pay off as your garden bursts into a spectacle of colors and foliage, showcasing the resilience and beauty of nature.


Wrapping Young Trees

Winter burn is a menace to young trees. Wrapping them deflects harsh sunlight and protects them from critters, ensuring they thrive through the cold months.

Long-Term Investment

Trees are a testament to the garden’s legacy. Ensuring their survival during juvenile years is pivotal for a mature, healthy garden in the future.

Damage Check and Prevention

Regular checks for girdling and other damages are crucial. Prevention now will ensure a legacy of green, standing tall in your garden for years to come.

Lawn and Equipment

Transitioning Focus

With your lawn prepped, it’s time to show some love to your gardening tools. November is ideal for cleaning and maintenance, promising a smooth transition into spring.

Prepping for Spring

Scrape off dried grass, sharpen those blades, and ensure your equipment is in top-notch condition. Your future self will thank you as spring gardening becomes a breeze with well-maintained tools.

As you wrap your garden in a warm winter blanket, you’re not just bidding adieu to the lush greenery of summer. You’re setting the stage for a glorious garden renaissance. As winter’s white mantle gives way, your garden will burst into a vibrant palette, echoing the meticulous care and preparation invested during November.

We Can Help!

As you embark on this November garden journey, remember, you’re not alone. The transition to winter can bring about a host of questions and perhaps some uncertainties. At Heritage Hill, we share your passion for nurturing gardens and are here to assist. Should you have any questions or need advice on winter garden prep, don’t hesitate to reach out. Call Heritage Hill, and let’s ensure your garden not only survives the winter but thrives into a magnificent spring spectacle. Your lush, vibrant garden come spring will be a testament to your November efforts.

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