Remember to keep on watering but be very careful not to overwater and drown plants by over-saturating the soil.

If fertilizing with a product like Monty’s PlantVantage, located at our nursery, either apply the diluted mixture as a follicular spray drenching the entire plant or apply it directly to the root system by using a watering can and/or drip system.

Since plants generally absorb nutrients through their leaves much faster than through the soil, the follicular application is the preferred method, but either method will work. Monty’s is “rain fast” in two hours so if rain is in the forecast, be sure to give the product enough time to fully dry before getting wet.

Early morning or late afternoon is better for application as it lessens the possibility for evaporation. This DOES NOT work for all fertilizers so be sure to read the instructions carefully if not using a product like Monty’s.

Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay


In times of little rainfall, shrubs may need to be given some extra water. When in doubt, insert a finger a few inches below the surface. If the soil feels dry, then it is okay to water.

For more accurate readings of moisture in the soil try using a moisture meter. Moisture meters are relatively cheap and can be found at most box stores.

As an extra precaution during the drier months, apply Wilt Stop to both newly planted and established plants. This follicular spray forms a clear flexible film when applied to help to prevent moisture loss.

Make sure to read the instructions completely before applying as some plants should be avoided. Wilt Stop comes in different sizes and can be purchased at our nursery.



Established trees require very little maintenance. Trees that haven’t been in the ground that long, may need some assistance, especially during the hotter months. Keep an eye on these trees in particular and if they seem to be struggling due to lack of water, create a small bed around the perimeter of the tree and fill in with mulch.

Mulching can help stop the evaporation of water from the soil and help keep your tree maintain proper hydration for as long as possible. When mulching, however, be sure that the depth of the mulch is very scarce at the base of the trunk and increases in depth as it is spread away from the trunk to the outer perimeter of the bed.

Having mulch directly touching the bark of a tree can be just as hazardous as the tree not getting enough water.

When mulch gets wet, it retains moisture. If the mulch is directly touching the tree, that moisture will transfer to the tree’s bark weakening the tree’s natural defense against different types of molds and diseases.

Other ailments that can affect newer trees and should be monitored on a regular basis are signs of disease and insect damage. Sometimes if caught early enough damage can be minimized or stopped.

Here at the nursery, we carry an extensive line of products that can assist with your needs. Speak with our Garden Center Sales employees to find out which product would work best for your situation.


Although you may have done so prior to the lawn care season, making sure to maintain your mower by keeping it clean and the blades sharp, is a must.

Keeping the housing free of grass accumulations is important as it can accumulate around the blades and become dangerous.

If your mower does have grass build-up, be sure to scrape out the blade housing to remove the accumulation.

Inspect blades for dullness and sharpen accordingly as cutting with dull blades will cause unsightly cut patterns in the lawn. As with regular mower maintenance, regular lawn inspection is important.

Be proactive, take some time to walk around your yard to look for any anomalies. Do you see any dead patches? Are there any areas of your yard that you think would benefit from new turf? If the answer is yes, then now is the time.

For any questions about whether you should seed an area or have sod installed stop by the nursery and speak with one of our Garden Center employees. Together, we can help decide what is right for you.

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