Keep those plants hydrated! Some plants are more susceptible to fungus and mildew growth. If you notice a white powder or anything else on your plants stop into the nursery and we will help you find an anti-fungal treatment to treat and protect your plants from damage.

One product that the nursery uses is Bonide Fung-onil. It is a multipurpose fungicide concentrate that controls many plant diseases and be used on a variety of plants.

Another product found at the nursery, with the organic gardener in mind, is Captain Jacks NeemMax 4-in-1 insecticide, Fungicide, Miticide and Nematicide concentrate made from cold pressed Neem Oil that has been processed without any chemicals.

Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay


If installing a potted plant purchased at Heritage Hill Nursery, there is no need to fertilize. All of our potted plants are treated with high quality slow-release fertilizer to help them thrive throughout the season.

If you do choose to fertilize, be careful to follow all instructions on the label, as some products can burn the plant if used incorrectly. Some fertilizers can be used in conjunction with a slow-release fertilizer and will not harm your plant but give it an extra boost.

At the nursery when we find some plants that need a little extra love, we give them either a dose of Monty’s PlantVantage or SUPERthrive. They are both in concentrated form and a little bit goes a long way.



Just like us, bugs such as the invasive Japanese beetle, are out and enjoying the warm weather. Be sure to keep an eye out for this pest as they can destroy the foliage on trees, especially the younger ones.

If you’ve purchased a new sapling, taking preventative measures before infestation will give your plant a better chance.

Here at the nursery, you may have seen weird looking bags hanging from a few of our plant tables. These are known as Beetle Bagger Traps. These traps contain a special lure inside the bag enticing the Japanese beetle to crawl in and trapping them.

Placing a few of these traps on the outer edges of your property will help draw the beetles towards the lure instead of the plant.


Keep on watering, in the height of summer many lawns require some help staying hydrated. If needed, reapply fertilizers and herbicides now.

Never apply to lawns that are too dry and not maintained well as seen in the picture. It will kill your lawn!

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