In order to keep some plants blooming as long as possible, deadhead old blooms. This will encourage the plant to bloom again! Some plants will only bloom once so stop into the nursery to find out more.

Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay


Blooming shrubs such as lilacs should be blooming, there is only a small blooming period so be sure to “stop and smell the lilacs”. If your heart is set on lilacs but you dread the shortened blooming period, consider planting a reblooming lilac, such as the “Bloomerang.” Similar in size as other dwarf species, this lilac variety will bloom again in the summer.



If you are planting trees this spring, we highly recommend fertilizing when planting ball and burlap trees. It is extremely important to keep them watered, however it is possible to drown plants so don’t overdo it. The ground should be damp and not saturated.

For help watering correctly, we do sell “donuts” and “water bags” which can be filled with water and in turn, will slowly release it throughout the day.


In times of drought make sure to keep your lawn watered to prevent dormancy.

Keep an eye out for dead patches and grass that pulls up very easily. This can indicate grubs growing in the soil and eating the roots of your lawn. If left untreated grubs can destroy entire lawns.

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