Now is a great time to install new perennials. The cooler, but not freezing, temperatures allow the plant to acclimate without being overly stressed. Don’t forget to fertilize especially in areas with poor soil quality.

Mulch now before your perennials get too big to ensure the best coverage. Established plants that have gotten too big for their spot may need to be divided, the smaller sections taken can be replanted in your garden to really fill in the space.

Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay


In order to encourage growth throughout the summer, fertilizer can be applied now without fear of it washing away in the “April showers”.



Your trees should be budding out and some flowering trees like the Red Buds and Crabapples are in Full Bloom. Stop and take a second to appreciate the beautiful show.


It’s time to fertilize! For best results schedule a time for Heritage Hill Nursery landscapers to come apply high quality fertilizer and herbicide to prevent weeds. You may also want to spread seed in bare patches, however never put herbicides on newly seeded lawns.

When your lawn is somewhat dried, check to see if you need the lawn to be aerated. If the soil is highly compact or you have a thick layer of thatch, you may need to give us a call.

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