Wisconsin Gardner’s Seasonal Monthly Tips for July 2020

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Turn down the heat!

Wow, from Winter to Summer with planting, mowing, and trimming in between. There is no time to take a break with weather changes this quick, but we will take it. We will be shoveling snow before long. So, let us look at some tips for your garden for the month of July.

We understand with some state guidelines still in place that it may be a bit more difficult to get out and get the products you need to get your garden going but with keeping safety in mind, you can get this done and we can help you along with your project. Our staff can provide information and designs to get your project moved along in the heated part of the season and show how to maintain all the work that you accomplished in the Spring.

Stop in and visit us at Heritage Hill Nursery in Cedarburg, WI where the plants are growing, and the staff is eager to help you out.


Some tips we would like to share with you involve perennials and what you should try to do with them come July.

How To Prune Your Perennials For The Summer Season

Flowers, plants, trees have all had a good Spring to get stabilized and now we enter part of the season that can prove to be brutal if the temperatures and moisture do not cooperate. What you should do with your perennials is to remove the dead flowers!

As flowers fade you should get out and remove them as soon as you can. While doing this, remove both flower and stem. Some plants produce a stalk that is separate from the rest of the foliage. That stalk should be removed as well.

Cut the perennial back to unopened buds or cut back to a good set of leaves.

You should also shear the plant anywhere from 25 to 50%. Also, look at the perennial and selectively remove any tired foliage. This helps your perennial to flourish without carrying so-called “dead weight” through the hot season.


Bushes or shrubs that flower in the Summer bloom on growth that is coming from the present growing season. These bushes or shrubs should not be pruned in the Summer before blooming has begun because this would remove the buds that are just about ready to bloom.

You should always prune these types of bushes or shrubs in the Spring before any new growth begins or during the Winter season. But for the month of July, the heart of the Summer season, let them be, no pruning required at this time.


Here are some tips on how to maintain your trees in the heat of Summer.

Help keep trees cool. How? Well, pay attention to what landscape materials you use under a tree. For example, hard materials such as rock or decomposed granite can cause heat to reflect or radiate which in turn puts undue stress on a healthy tree.

How about paying attention to what your tree is telling you. If leaves fall off during July your tree may be telling you that it is reacting to soil compaction, saturated soil, you’ve planted a shade loving tree in the sun (or vise verses) or you are simply experiencing drought conditions and it needs water.

And if you must prune in July, keep it to a minimum. Dead branches or branches that may be able to cause damage to your home or other structure should be trimmed out, including broken ones. However, try not to do any major pruning of trees until late Fall or Winter.


For lawn care in July, continue to mow the lawn as needed. Make sure the lawn gets about an inch of water per week. Mulch clippings to aid in cooling and feeding your lawn. Edge planting beds for a clean look.

If you are inclined, maybe plant some warm-season grasses and make sure you keep them watered. Stop fertilizing your lawn in mid-Summer as this could burn the grass out. And make sure your lawnmower or tractor blades are kept sharp to make a clean cut and a great looking lawn. With these simple tips your lawn will look great into the Fall season.

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