More SE Wisconsin June Tips for Trees

Caring for Your Trees

Trees are a landscapes most important feature.  They offer privacy, shade, focal points, and serve as shelter and food for wildlife.  Planting the right tree in the right spot is a vital step that shouldn’t be dismissed quickly.  What type of soil do you have, does it retain moisture or dry out quickly?  What kind of sun exposure does the area get?  Will the tree get to big for the location?  Are you looking for year-round interest, privacy or shade?  Having the answers to questions like these will be helpful.  The well-stocked lot at Heritage Hill Nursery will give you several varieties to choose from no matter what you’re looking for.

June Tips:

Replenish mulch around trees as needed maintaining a 2 to 3-inch layer of shredded bark.  Be care not to mulch up to the base of the trunk as this can cause rotting.  Mulching can be a lot of work but it’s worth the efforts.  Many trees have suffered injuries from mower and trimmer blades and strings.  These entryways open the tree up to insects and disease.  Mulching can reduce moisture loss from evaporation and cut down on weeds.  Did you know that grass is a big competitor for water and it’s healthier for the plant if you remove the grass and provide mulch?  Although newly planted trees will probably need to be watered on a weekly to bi-weekly basis, too much water can cause the tree to die.  Trees should be watered thoroughly when the top 4-6 inches of soil is dry.  It is best to use a hose near the base of the tree, but not touching the trunk, at a steady drip for about 20 minutes.  The soil should be moist for at least 12 inches deep, but the ground not saturated.  Clay and sandy soils will need to be checked more frequently.  Prune any dead or broken branches this month except Oak trees.  They shouldn’t be pruned until the tree is in its dormant state.

Courtesy of  Gardening in Wisconsin by Melinda Myers Revised Edition

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June Gardening Tips

All About Serviceberries

Planting and growing the Serviceberry is relatively easy, as the most that it will demand is regular watering and a good supply of mulch. The tree lasts for many years, and encourages insects into the garden, helping pollinate fruits and difficult flowers. During the summer, it is an attractive addition to any garden.

Planting Serviceberry Trees

Serviceberries prefer the full sun, although they can adapt to living in areas with a partial shade; choose an area that is protected from winds and other severe climates. Choose a soil that is moist and well-drained.

Serviceberry trees can be bought from local garden centers; they will either be potted in containers or wrapped in polyester bags. If the tree is potted, lay it on the soil and roll from side to side to loosen it. Once the pot is loose, the serviceberry tree can be gently eased from the pot. If they are wrapped in a bag, use scissors or shears to remove wire or twine from around the plant, and cut away the plastic-use secateurs to trim away dead or over-large roots.

Courtesy of Do it Yourself Website

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Small Space Gardening

You can still be a gardener even if you have a tiny yard, or no yard at all. Use plants to make small spaces come alive. Even if you have no outdoor space for gardening, it’s possible to grow beautiful plants. Use all your indoor and outdoor spaces. You may think you don’t have room to spare, but you do.

Utilizing Limited Outdoor Space

When you have a limited amount of space, you might be afraid to do much gardening. You don’t want to clutter up your space or eliminate much-needed room. With a few DIY tricks, make your outdoor garden functional as well as beautiful so it will work in those limited areas.

Courtesy of Do it Yourself Website

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