Wisconsin Gardener’s Tips for July

We all realize that it’s almost hard to believe it’s already July. Hasn’t felt quite like summer until the last few days.  

But it’s here… and with all the rain.. man, our gardens are growing! (As well as our lawns!) 😎 

Here are some helpful tips to stay on top of your gardens and plants to keep them looking their best!  

This is a great time to get some fertilizer on all your perennials!  Feeding them with a slow release fertilizer like 10-10-10 or Osmocote will do wonders.  Now that things are starting to bloom, stay ahead of the deadheading (removing) spent flowers.  Cut flower heads off the bulbs if they are done so they can send the energy back into the bulb for next year.

Flowering shrubs such as Lilacs or Viburnum should be pruned once they have finished flowering.  This will allow for more and bigger flowers next year.  Prune down to the first or second set of leaves.

This is the time to start watching for any problems such as disease or insects.  BE PRO-ACTIVE!  Many common problems can be cured before they do serious damage.  If you see a problem and can’t figure out what it is, prune off the affected area and bring it in to us for help in diagnosing the problem.  We will do our best to help you cure it.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to come in or call! We are here to help you!

May Garden Tips for Wisconsin Gardeners

May and Early Spring Garden & Yard Tips

This is the perfect time to identify the plants that didn’t make it through the winter, you’ll know the ones! Remove what may remain, discard, and come for a visit to our garden center.  We will do our best to get you back on track and give you the color you want.


Now is the time to cut down all the old or dead growth.  Try not to damage the new growth that is already coming up.  In some cases, new shoots are further up the stem so you want to cut the stem down to right above the new buds.  For grasses, give them a buzz cut down to 3-4” above the ground then rub the center with your hand to break off dead stems.


This is a great time to see the structure of the shrubs.  Anything that is dead, rubbing, or crossing should be taken out.  Make your pruning cuts as far down the stem as possible.  For Spirea, cut the entire shrub down to 4” above ground.  Break off any of the dead wood than is inside.  Flowering shrubs such as Lilac should not be pruned until after they flower.


If you have small trees, check the branching habit.  If there is something growing at a 90 degree angle, prune it out.  Always look for dead, rubbing and crossing branches.  If any are present, prune them off.  Look for any damage to the trunk.  Critters sometimes like to strip or chew the bark off.


If you have any questions, concerns, or “just don’t know”, we are here to help!  Stop in and we will do our very best to give you answers!  Also, be sure to check back for our Monthly Tips, Weekly Spotlight Plant, and soon to be available “How To” videos to help you LOVE YOUR LANDSCAPE!!!!

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Seasonal Tips for late Autumn Planting of Perennials in Wisconsin

Peonies – and Perennials to Plant in Fall! 

As we move into fall, and we’re still enjoying some warm days, but cooler nights. So now is the time to consider adding perennials and flowering shrubs that will add color and beauty to your landscaping.

Planting in fall, is, most often a perfect time to plant and allow the plant to become established for next the next year’s growing season.  In general, plants with shallow, fibrous root systems can be planted more easily in the fall than those with fewer, larger roots.  

These include perennials and shrubs & trees such as: 

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Last week and still showing in the spotlight is the Sunsparkler® Firecracker Sedum, a perennial you may want to consider!

A few weeks back, we featured the beautiful Sara Bernhardt Peony on our Spotlight Page.The peony is, without a doubt one of the most favored beautiful plants in Wisconsin. We recommend the below article for great planting advice for peonies from Farmer’s almanac! 

Courtesy Farmer’s Almanac Planting Peonies

Remember if you have any questions, contact our knowledgeable horticulturist & owner, Jason. He’ll help you make good decisions on what will work best and how to properly tend to your new plantings. Visit the Heritage Hill Nursery and garden center now! We are conveniently located, close to Cedarburg, Jackson, West Bend, Slinger, WI.


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Planting Trees in September in Wisconsin

Fall Planting of Diciduous Trees 

Many experts claim that planting trees in fall is better. In fall, the tree can make new roots without having to feed the leaves. Water requirements are much lower without the leaves on the tree. To us it feels cool in fall, but that is actually the best temperature for root growth. Roots grow best in cool soil.

A fall planting allows the tree to grow roots in fall and again early spring before leaves develop. This gives the tree a good chance to lay down a good set of roots before they need to collect water and nutrients for the leaves.

It’s preferable to choose deciduous trees because they lose their leaves in fall, and once this happens, the requirements for water are vastly reduced. Growing roots still require water, but that is a small amount compared the what leaves use. Fall planting of deciduous trees works better because of this lower water requirement in winter.


Courtesy Garden Myths  More  

Questions about planting, feeding and watering? Take advantage of our knowledgeable horticulturist & owner, Jason. He is here to help you make good decisions on what will work best and how to properly tend to your new plantings. Visit the Heritage Hill Nursery and garden center now! We are conveniently located, close to Cedarburg, Jackson, West Bend, Slinger, WI.

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More SE Wisconsin June Tips for Trees

Caring for Your Trees

Trees are a landscapes most important feature.  They offer privacy, shade, focal points, and serve as shelter and food for wildlife.  Planting the right tree in the right spot is a vital step that shouldn’t be dismissed quickly.  What type of soil do you have, does it retain moisture or dry out quickly?  What kind of sun exposure does the area get?  Will the tree get to big for the location?  Are you looking for year-round interest, privacy or shade?  Having the answers to questions like these will be helpful.  The well-stocked lot at Heritage Hill Nursery will give you several varieties to choose from no matter what you’re looking for.

June Tips:

Replenish mulch around trees as needed maintaining a 2 to 3-inch layer of shredded bark.  Be care not to mulch up to the base of the trunk as this can cause rotting.  Mulching can be a lot of work but it’s worth the efforts.  Many trees have suffered injuries from mower and trimmer blades and strings.  These entryways open the tree up to insects and disease.  Mulching can reduce moisture loss from evaporation and cut down on weeds.  Did you know that grass is a big competitor for water and it’s healthier for the plant if you remove the grass and provide mulch?  Although newly planted trees will probably need to be watered on a weekly to bi-weekly basis, too much water can cause the tree to die.  Trees should be watered thoroughly when the top 4-6 inches of soil is dry.  It is best to use a hose near the base of the tree, but not touching the trunk, at a steady drip for about 20 minutes.  The soil should be moist for at least 12 inches deep, but the ground not saturated.  Clay and sandy soils will need to be checked more frequently.  Prune any dead or broken branches this month except Oak trees.  They shouldn’t be pruned until the tree is in its dormant state.

Courtesy of  Gardening in Wisconsin by Melinda Myers Revised Edition

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