2021 Specials!

With fall officially in tow, there are a few things that can still be done this season to maintain the beauty and health of your landscape.

Let’s get through that to-do list with our monthly tips and specials!

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Monthly Tips!


Fall is still a good time to plant perennials. 


Remember to keep your shrubs watered, even coming into the cooler fall months. 


Trees are establishing a strong healthy root system during this time. 


Give seeding a chance to get firmly established before winter. Have this done before the middle of the mnth!

Quick Tips!

  • For shrubs, although you can plant anytime during the season, fall is often best for people that lack the time or dedication for regular watering.
  • For perennials, whatever flowers you choose, the cooler fall temperatures and a modest watering schedule will ensure color throughout the rest of the season.
  • Applying a good quality slow-release fertilizer and herbicide will help maintain your lawn’s lush “carpet feel” appearance. It is extremely important though, to follow the manufacturers’ directions when applying any type of chemical as applying too much can cause damage.

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