June 2021 Specials!

With Spring bowing out soon, summer will be in full swing! We have new specials for this month including adorable animal decorations and discounted ninebark!

25% Off Stone & Granite Animals

With this coupon, take 25% Off Stone & Granite Animals

15% Off Ninebark

In addition to our monthly coupon special, we’re also offering 15% Off Ninebark!

Monthly Tips!


Mulch, but don’t over mulch.


It’s just very important to maintain water levels especially if you have a dry season.


Avoid that “volcano” look. Mulching like that can actually kill your tree.


To maintain healthy lawns in June cut the grass with your mower set to its highest setting. 

Quick Tips!

  • Perennials that are planted in the spring and early summer season such as June is the time when most plants and flowers make a grand entrance.
  • Make sure you mulch around perennials and new plantings to increase the held moisture for the plants to live on. Don’t over-mulch though, usually about a 2” layer is sufficient.
  • It’s just very important to maintain the water levels of your shrubs; especially if you have a dry season.
  • June is a good time to mulch around trees, but be careful not to mound mulch up around the trunk of the tree and give it the ‘volcano’ look. This can actually kill a tree. 
  • If you have Bluegrass, watering the lawn is important. Watering every day is not actually necessary but once every 3rd of 4th day can be more beneficial to the lawn.

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