It’s time to turn on the A/C! Summer is here and it’s at full throttle. Keep yourself (and your plants!) hydrated this season! Oh! And view this month’s specials here!


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Monthly Tips!


Keep those plants hydrated! Some plants are more susceptible to fungus and mildew growth.


If you’re fertilizing, be very careful to follow the instructions. Some products can burn the plant if used incorrectly! 


Keep an eye out for the summer-loving Japanese Beetle. These invasive pests can destroy your foliage. 


Keep on watering, in the height of summer many lawns require some help staying hydrated.

Quick Tips!

  • If needed, reapply fertilizers and herbicides now. Never apply to lawns that are too dry and not maintained well. It will kill your lawn! 
  • Here at the nursery, you may have seen weird-looking bags hanging from a few of our plant tables. These are known as Beetle Bagger Traps. These traps contain a special lure inside the bag enticing the Japanese beetle to crawl in and trapping them. Placing a few of these traps on the outer edges of your property will help draw the beetles towards the lure instead of the plant.

Special Mention!

We’ve been featured on Trees.com for Best Tree Nurseries in Milwaukee.

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