July 2021 Specials!

It’s time to turn on the A/C! Summer is here and it’s at full throttle. Keep yourself (and your plants!) hydrated this season! Oh! And view this month’s specials here! 

25% Off Wilt Stop

With this coupon, take 25% Off Wilt Stop

15% Off Spirea

In addition to our monthly coupon special, we’re also offering 15% Off Spirea!

Monthly Tips!


Droughts can be devastating on gardens. Water your plants! 


It’s just very important to maintain water levels especially if you have a dry season. 


Avoid your newly planted trees dying by keeping them watered and healthy. 


If you’re going to fertilize, be very attentive to its needs. Keep that lawn irrigated and watered. 

Quick Tips!

  • Shallow watering your perennials early in the season can be a problem in July when the roots of plants are not accustomed to searching deeply for water.
  • July is a good time to prune shrubs that have already bloomed!
  • Check on the tree bark and the soil it is in. Just like humans, hydration is healthy.
  • Do not fertilize dormant or non-irrigated lawns in July as it can damage or kill the grass.

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