August 2021 Specials!

August: Heat, Humidity, Dryness, Football…wait, football? That’s okay.

We’re in Wisconsin which means it’s Packer green and gold season! Get ready for the season and get your garden and lawn ready also.

And take advantage of our monthly tips and specials while you’re at it! 

25% Off Skeeter Spray Products

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15% Off Purple Pavement Rose

In addition to our monthly coupon special, we’re also offering 15% Off Purple Pavement Rose!

Monthly Tips!


Continue Deadheading & watering. Don’t be afraid to expand. 


Monitor your water stress closely. Replenish mulch in August to a 2-3 inch layer. 


Keep trees watered and mulch. But avoid the volcano effect because it can kill your trees. 


Keep mowing. August is about sustaining your yard. As temps cool you’ll be glad you did.

Quick Tips!

  • Mulch perennial gardens if you haven’t done so yet. Use evergreen needles if you have them. This will keep beds moist and cool.
  • No fertilizing is needed for shrubs in August.
  • No fertilizing is needed for trees in August.
  • Don’t kill the yard. Keep mowing at 3 to 3 ½ inches. Cut newly sod grass as soon as it is well-rooted. The early part of the month is focused on sustaining the lawn.

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