We Are Open For Business!

It’s that time of year again! Our Garden Center and Gift Store are both opening for the season! Stop by to enjoy April’s specials!

Let’s get through that to-do list with our monthly tips and specials!

25% Off

Shepherd Hooks

Sheperd Hooks are the perfect solution to hold up your hanging plants, birdhouses, birdfeeders, wind chimes, ornamental lanterns, and other garden decor. I’ve even used them for hanging outdoor hanging lights for parties.

Stop by to enjoy 25% off all Sheperd Hooks while supplies last.

Sale Ends April 30, 2022

15% Off

Scentara Lilac

Our Garden Center Sale item this month is Scentara Lilac. Stop by to enjoy 15% off all Scentara Lilacs while supplies last.

Sale Ends April 30, 2022

Monthly Tips!


Clear your gardens of debris that will hinder plants from coming back.


Feel free to shape and remove last year’s growth. Be sure to double-check what shrubs can be pruned in the spring.


Remove any dead trees that didn’t make it through the harsh winter. 


Consider cleaning up dog waste and sticks now, even if it snows again, you will not regret spreading out the workload.

Quick Tips!

  • For help with spring clean-up give us a call. We will ensure your beds are ready for an amazing summer season.
  • If plants like magnolias are pruned in the spring, buds that formed last year will be removed and it will not bloom.
  • When cleaning up your lawn, keep an eye out for dead spots that may need to be reseeded. Pull out your lawnmower and check the blades! If you mow your own lawn blades need to be sharp for the best cut.

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